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I really enjoy fishing.  And I must say, I come home with some pretty big catches, mostly because I have a really great guide that I have been fishing with for many years now.  He knows just where the fish are biting and he knows the optimum time to go as well.  I fish with him in Astoria OR, but I also fish when I am in Alaska.  The fishing is great in both places.

In Alaska we mostly catch halibut but in Oregon it's salmon, bass, and even sturgeon.  Now sturgeon is mostly off limits but they just recently opened it up for a few weeks and limited the about, one per person.  I got my one.  Sturgeon can get pretty big so it's a lot of fish and it needs to go in the freezer unless of course you have a lot of hungry friends that want to come over for a massive fish fry.

I always recommend leaving a few pieces out of the freezer and cooking it up right away. That gives you the opportunity to taste the freshest fish you will ever get without going to a restaurant that serves it right off the docks. 

Eating fish is healthy and there are so many wonderful ways to prepare fish.  I hear from a lot of people that say they do not really know how to cook fish.  I will be sharing some great ways to cook up all kinds of fish but this recipe is among my favorites.  It is also one of the simplest ways.

I hope you enjoy the nice video that I have put together for you.  In this video, I am cooking sea bass but this also works really well with halibut.  




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