Fresh Sturgeon With Mango & Strawberry Chutney

Posted by Robin Buckley on

I caught this sturgeon fish in the waters off of Astoria Oregon. This fish died about 6 hours before I cooked it.  

Jatinder Dhadli recipe for fish

I stopped along the way and picked up some strawberries right off the farm to go with a mango that has been ripping in the kitchen. Now these are just not any strawberries, they are Mt. Hood strawberries.  They are smaller than the regular strawberries and they are much more sweeter. 

I minced about 10 hoods and 1 mango and mixed them with the juice of 2 limes, and a couple of tablespoons of seasoned rice vinegar, plus salt to taste.

Jatinder Dhadli chutney

After making the chutney, I fired up the Traeger grill, salt and peppered the fish and grilled it. I then topped it off with the mango and strawberry sauce. 

It was all just about as fresh as it gets and a wonderful, delightful, taste treat for sure. 

Jatinder Dhadli Chutney on fish

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